Sofa Disposal York

Sofa Disposal York

Sofa And Settees Disposal Removal In York

Sofa Disposal And Removal York

Sofa Disposal York. York Recycling operates a service for collecting old, unwanted sofas for disposal, removal and recycling in York.

It can be extremely difficult to find a new home or recycle your old sofa. This is particularly the case if your furniture doesn’t have a valid fire certificate.

Our friendly team will do all the heavy lifting even if your sofa is awkward to get out of the house!

The table below indicates the cost of collection and disposal.

Payment can be made on card upon collection, or the office will call you after collection has been made to take payment over the phone.

You will be issued with a receipt on site to ensure piece of mind your sofa will be properly disposed of.

Collection days are Monday to Saturday 8AM To 6PM covering all of York.

If your item is in excellent condition with a fire label PLEASE CLICK HERE to contact the York community furniture store whom may collect free of charge it up to standard.

Sofa and armchair disposal York. Acomb, Bishopthorpe, Clifton, Derwent, Dunnington Dringhouses, Fishergate, Fulford, Haxby, Heworth, Heslington, Holgate, Huntington, Hull Road, New Earswick, Osbaldwick, Rawcliffe, Rufforth, Skelton, Strensall, Woodthorpe, Micklegate, Wigginton, Westfield and Wheldrake. And some East Riding of Yorkshire areas, 

Get rid of a sofa in York. Call us Today for a quick collection.

To arrange a collection of a sofa or armchair please Call 01904 373055

We get rid of Sofas, Settees, Couches and Armchairs.

Don’t bin it! recycle it!

Sofa And Armchair Disposal In York
Service Type
Sofa And Armchair Disposal In York
Provider Name
York Recycling,
Murton Way,North Yorkshire-YO19 5UW,
Telephone No.01904 849736
York, North Yorkshire
Sofa Disposal York. Sofa And Armchair Disposal York. We Can Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Old Sofas And Armchairs Book A Collection 01904 849736 For A Quick Collection.