Discarded And Abandoned Bike Removal York

Discarded And Abandoned Bike Removal And Recycling York

York Recycling offer a removal service for discarded and abandoned bikes.

Discarded And Abandoned Bike Removal York

Discarded and Abandoned Bike Removal York

Bikes may have been abandoned or left tied to a lamp post or bike shelter for instance.

In today’s world bikes are increasingly popular and it seems criminal not to recycle bikes and allow them to be reused.

This is why York Recycling work alongside a number of great schemes which allow college apprentices to work on bikes and make them road worthy.

We remove bikes that have been discarded and abandoned in York. We have all seen bikes discarded and abandoned. Pushbikes locked to a lamppost in our town centres, hospitals, universities, shopping centres and collages etc etc.

Using much needed space for responsible cyclists in the cycle parking areas. Discarded and abandoned bikes start to make the area messy and discredits the area. Unfortunately it is very hard to locate the owners of these pushbikes as there is know registration for pushbikes. Obviously this been a car or motorcycle there would be fines, charges for parking and removal.

There is a fee for using this service payment options are cash on collection or card payment please have you card details to hand when calling to book a collection for a discarded and abandoned bike removal.

The table below indicates the cost of the collection per 1 discarded and abandoned bike removal are charged per item.

Do get in touch to discuss requirements for bike removal and recycling.

Sleeper Path
28 Station Avenue
New Earswick
YO32 4BN
Landline Tel No: 01904 373055
Email. [email protected]

What We Do When Removing Discarded And Abandoned Bikes

  • Recycle them.
  • Barrier is provided in public areas when removing locked bikes.
  • We remove any locks or fasteners.
  • We then supply the customer with legal document. We have removed the cycle/bike if needed.
  • We then recycle the bike if and when possible for reuse.
  • Supply the ticket to the bike giving the owner 14 days to remove.

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