Coca-Cola going Green!

50% of UK Coca-Cola bottles sold in the UK will be made from recycled plastic according to the soft drink giant.

Aside from being a giant leap in sustainability an abandoned Coca-Cola bottle on the side of the road is bad for branding.

Jon Woods, general manager at Coca Cola alluded to this when he stated “I don’t want to see it (plastic packaging) lying at the side of a road or on a beach anymore than anybody else.”

The company has somewhat changed it’s stance on recycling lately and has moved on from fiercely fighting any push to increase it’s green efforts.

Greenpeace has called this U-turn in recycling policy a “PR-spin.” However the very fact that a company’s image is improved through recycling is only a positive, and illustrates a general increase in awareness.

Let’s hope Coca-Cola stick to their promise! Previously said to be having a catastrophic affect on the environment through producing so many plastic bottles, this is a giant which should take responsibility.

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