York Bin Collection Dates Christmas Waste And Rubbish Collections City Of York

Christmas Waste And Rubbish Collections City Of York 2019/2020

York recycling service is now offering a waste and rubbish collection service over the festive christmas and new year period.

Christmas Waste And Rubbish Collections.

Christmas Waste And Rubbish Collections City Of York

Well the festive time of year is upon us once again. Along with it comes 5 times more waste and rubbish than we would usually produce.

York recycling services is here to take away the hassle. Stoping overloaded wheelie bins, Frantically running up and down the street when the sound of the refuse wagon finally starts operating again. Looking for space in your neighbours bins to get rid of all the extra waste and rubbish you produced over christmas and new year festive season.

We are all aware that if your wheelie bin lid is unable to be closed properly and waste is spilling out. You may find your bin has not been emptied at all. York city council bin collections will not take lose waste or bin bags if they will not fit in your wheelie bin. Find out all waste collections offered by The City Of York Council by CLICKING HERE.

  • STOP! the smell of rotting foods.
  • STOP! the arguments with fly tipping in your neighbours bins.
  • STOP! Worrying about rubbish and enjoy the festive period.

Using Our Waste And Rubbish Collection Services

We charge a collection fee for our refuse collection service of rubbish and waste charges are below.

Attendance collection fee is £39 including the collection of 9 bin bags. Any additional bin bags are charged at £2 per bin bag.

All waste must to be in standard bin bags ready to collect.

How do you pay? Cash, Credit Or Debit Card.

Who do i pay? The driver. You will be issued with a full receipt.

Christmas Waste And Rubbish Collections Times

York bin collection dates 8:00AM To 6:00PM December. Boxing Day 26th – 27th – 28th – 29th – 30th – 31st.

York recycling services. Call: 01904 373055

or email: [email protected] to book a collection or ask any questions you may have.

Collection days Covering all of York.

Rubbish and waste clearance and collections in York. Acomb, Bishopthorpe, Clifton, Derwent, Dunnington Dringhouses, Fishergate, Fulford, Haxby, Heworth, Heslington, Holgate, Huntington, Hull Road, New Earswick, Osbaldwick, Rawcliffe, Rufforth, Skelton, Strensall, Woodthorpe, Micklegate, Wigginton, Westfield and Wheldrake. And some East Riding of Yorkshire areas,

Don’t bin it, recycle it!

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Christmas Waste And Rubbish Collections City Of York 2019/2020
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